Thursday, January 04, 2007

Best of TV 2006 - You Should Be Watching, Yea.

No editing tonight. I typed this list in a noted program so it's formatted bullet list style. Enjoy.

1. Dexter
- This is my first year having showtime and Dexter was the best reason to have a TV this year.

2. 24
- You can't stop Jack Motherfuckin' Bauer.

3. The Office
- You can't fucking stop Micheal "World's Best Boss" Scott either.

4. Nip / Tuck
- Surreal, trippy, ridiculous and possibly the show's best season at its height. A show not afraid to take taboo issues head on constantly.

5. Entourage
6. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
- Hope this gets a few seasons to fully work its characters out.

7. Sopranos
- Not the best, not the worst.

8. The Unit
- Mamet and his crew bring it every week with an amazing cast and interesting plotlines but it all falls back to the great writing.

9. Big Love
- Intriguing, muddles, and I can't stop watching.

10. Scrubs
- It's the final season, watch it before the endless reruns over the next decade.

11 It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia
12. Weeds
13. Thief
- Great FX mini-series starring one of the greatest actors currently living Andre Braugher.

14. Teachers / 30 Rock
- A pretty funny show that didn't last long and a new one with a longer leash and Alec Baldwin at the peak showing off his ranging comic breadth.

15. Rescue Me / My Name is Earl

Did Not Watch: The Wire, Lost, and many more.

Only reality show worth watching: Hell's Kitchen

Best Animated Show: Aqua Teen Hunger Force

The Daily Delight: Daily Show / Colbert Report

- The Perfect compliment of shows in one hour, somewhat informing while always hilarious, at least before the interviews

Most Overhyped Show and glad they stopped showing it so I didn't have to keep watching and getting nothing: The Nine

And I thought of something I am thankful for about 6 weeks too late, ESPN.

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