Thursday, September 07, 2006

News you shouldn't have missed: A Lion Caught Naked and a Croc Man Killed by a Fish

He may not look like a party animal but this guy knows how to have fun.

Jalopnik reports:
Excuse Me Coach, Your Balls Are Showing: Detroit Lions Asst Coach Joe Cullen Ticketed For DUI And "Driving Without Clothes"

An assistant coach for the Detroit Lions has been arrested while driving under the influence, par for the course of a high flying assitant coach. But Mr. Cullen also happened to be in his birthday suit when he was stopped. At least he's having fun. I wonder if he put on clothes for his mugshot.

And Sadly, Steve The Crocodile Hunter has passed on from a deadly wound inflicted by a sting ray, researching a kid's program. Guess it wasn't kid's stuff. - NY Times Obit Steve Irwin

In less reported deaths:
Remy Belvaux, director of the interesting 1992 cult film Man Bites Dog that predicted the trend of ridculous reality TV has died of unknown causes at the age of 38.

His family released a statement "
"He leaves us one masterpiece and tons of regrets." -BBC

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