Thursday, September 21, 2006

Future Missions Impossible For Cruise?

Paddles...clear. How does a movie studio breathe new life into its dying cashcow of a franchise? Ditch the Oprah-couch-jumping movie star for a star who can do nothing wrong, and upgraded from a beautiful TV star for a knockout, goddess movie star kind of guy.

According to reports, Paramount is looking at Brad Pitt as the star of a future incarnation of Mission Impossible. Not only has Pitt proved his spy skills with a respectable turn in Spy Games and Mr. and Mrs. Smith but it'’s about time Pitt opened up his own film franchise. If Johnny Depp can do it with Pirates, why can'’t Brad? Of course, there are denials all around from the Studio and Pitt's reps.

According to The UK paper The Guardian, Paul Dergarabedian, official spokesperson of the world and the relating importance to box office receipt, who was quoted as saying "Batman has changed numerous times. It's not who you put in the role, it's how you reinvent the franchise." That'’s why these spokespeople get the big bucks.

Is the only thing wrong with the IMF rhyme with the word booze? Maybe not, but I'm sure Paramount is hoping that some of that Ocean's 11 magic can rub off on the M:I series. That and the supposed $39 million dollars being offered should be reason enough that could actually happen.

It wouldn''t hurt if Angie came along as the love interest either, although the mission would probably have to move to Africa for both of them to agree to accept it. This post will self destruct in 5 seconds...

Side Note: Here's what Pitt looks like in a skirt.

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