Friday, September 29, 2006

The Consumerism of Manhood is in Doubt: ESPN Mobile fails

It's a sad day to be a man. Even though ESPN is the network of teams persevering and unwilling to take defeat and failure. That's what Sportscenter is there for. The comebacks and the historical moments. And then there's stats and repetitive talking heads. And to make women fall asleep. But for ESPN Mobile, the clock has hit 0:00 and they've been shut out despite the tireless and unbearable level of promotions and tie ins that seemed to pop up every second on Sportscenter, almost tarnishing the enjoyment of the average viewer with this barrage.

According to IMDB: "After weeks of strenuously denying that it had any intention of dumping its money-losing MobileESPN service, ESPN has done just that -- less than a year after introducing it. In recent months the company had slashed its handset prices -- from $499 to $399 to $199 and then to $99 -- and stepped up promotion of the service, but, according to reports, it had failed to attract sufficient customers to justify the expense... Fewer than 30,000 are believe to have signed up for MobileESPN, and Advertising Age speculated on its website today (Friday) that many of them may have been gamblers and bookies. -ESPN's Mobile Service Fouls Out

Wish, I could have come up with that pun. That's a good one

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