Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Radiohead @ MSG June 13, 2006 | Pics and Mini Review


01 You And Whose Army?
02 The National Anthem
03 2+2=5
04 15 Step
05 Morning Bell
06 Arpeggi
07 Videotape
08 Kid A
09 Fake Plastic Trees
10 Climbing Up The Walls
11 Nude
12 Bangers 'N Mash
13 Idioteque
14 There There
15 Street Spirit
16 Bodysnatchers
17 Lucky

Encore 1
18 I Might Be Wrong
19 Down Is The New Up
20 The Bends
21 Everything In Its Right Place ['Silent Night' intro by Thom]

Encore 2
22 House of Cards
23 How to Disappear Completely

Thanks Atease.

I'm beat up. Standing about 4 rows back from the stage was a draining and sweaty experience. Even from that distance, I barely managed to get any good shots. (I blame it on the amazing flashy lighting but it might be my unbelievably shaky hands problem.) I did get some good videos that I'll link up here soon from YouTube.

Radiohead's intensity level and playfulness was at an all time high. Maybe it's because the last time I saw them Bush had just been elected and now we're only 2 years away from his disappearance from the office. The sound of the Theatre was great. Thom was engaging, smiling and dancing. He even reached out a few times to shake some hands. I didn't reach out, or I might have to cut off my hand to put in a glass case. Did I mention that Thom Yorke is probably the person I'd most like to do anything to in my life? Yes, even that probably.

The one sad thing is the multitude of new songs, not because I don't like new songs. Oh I love me some new songs, but my guest was a Radiohead virgin (by guest I mean the person who was lucky enough to click at ticketmaster and get GA. Thanks Miss Lich.) It would have been nice for her sake to see a few other "familiar songs" but I can't complain. I did really want to see "Myxamatosis." I know people hate that song but it makes me insane. It's the live "Idioteque" off of Hail to The Thief.

The video screens behind the band was like ten pieces of shattered glasses displaying brilliantly angled views of the band in multiple colors. The black and white was very much reminiscent of the "Street Spirit" video. It's just another amazing Radiohead innovation. And speaking of innovation, that is what I truly love about Radiohead. They don't stay static and stagnant. They sense it. They know that fans would come to see them play their greatest hits. But they are on tour without anything to promote to smaller venues and some festivals to play music and entertain the people. This evolution is encased in the unique tracklisting for the most recent shows as well as the further evolved live version of "Kid A."

What an amazing night, and yes I did cry.

Here's some more poor pics and a decent video I took of the opening. More videos soon.

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cookiecat said...

glad someone else cried. I was terrified before I went that I would lose it during Pyramid Song, or worse yet Everything in its Right Place. But, god bless RH. instead of crying to "Everything" I felt like I was back in the days under a disco ball, with their freaky warped version of the song, turned on its head, half ironic and half "Fuck it, I just wanna dance!"

Never saw RH before, and am a relatively new fan, but obsessed with them. I expected Thom Yorke to be moody and disengaged. But he laughed. A lot. And how jump-able was he when he wiggled his little Brit behind. Yes, yes, it's all about the intellect and the innovative music. But raw, playful sexual energy in sync to the music is what the best lead singers/brainpowers of bands do. And it's not an act. It was all so very real.

These 2 MSG gigs were some of the best days of my life. And I am Thom's age. Seen a lot of shows, but only a few have made me cry. I am so happy I wasnt the only one sniffling at certain moments. Thanks for the pics/video!