Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Jack Black is Taking Over - An Abundance of Articles/ Interviews

Those who understand the greatness of Jack Back lovingly refer to him as JB. JB, KG, and me makes three.

Nacho Libre
came out last weekend so he's all over the place but there are some excellent quotes in short Time Magazine article. Nacho Libre is pretty funny with some hilarious scenes. Especially the scene where the Nun he is pining is reading his letter as JB does a voice over. And there are midgets... wrestling midgets with fur. And JB with his best Ricardo Montalban accent and Jheri Curl.

Some choice quotes from the Time article:

"It's possible that in the next few hours Jack Black will become a father. 'I'm sorry, but I have to keep my cell phone on,' Black says. 'My lady'--wife Tanya Haden, a musician--'is nine months preggy. I may need to pounce into action.'"

"Black's parents, divorced rocket scientists, encouraged their son's artistic hanging out... "eventually Robbins recommended Black to his agent. 'He was disciplined, professional,' [Tim] Robbins recalls. 'As Jack would say, he could also bring the special sauce.'

Yes they are BOTH rocket scientists and it is referring to that Tim Robbins.

He refers to Tenacious D as "co-lla-bo."

"Black and [producing partner/ Nacho Libre & School of Rock writer Mike] White loved Napoleon Dynamite, so they called director Hess to see if he wanted to hang out. "There are a lot of people with unique voices out there," says Black. "Mike is a pretty unique writer, and I've got my thing going on, so let's cut out all the lame guys and see if we can't party.'

FYI: Jack Black and his lady had a baby boy on 6/13/200

Full Interview (registration required)

A Video Interview for Nacho Libre on UGO

And most importanly there is The Pick of Destiny, the Tenacious D movie, official site. Watch the interviews with Satan, you'll thank me later.

There's also a School of Rock-era interview with the World's best magazine The Believer.

There's another great interview in Tom Hanksian issue of Esquire entitled "Jack Black, Master Thespian?"

Zeigazunt for now. (Yiddish for "that's enough")

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